The Labyrinth Press Company is a cafe and espresso bar located in the heart of historic downtown Jamestown. We offer Jamestown hearty and unique vegetarian fare including soups, burritos, salads, and baked goods. Our espresso bar is inspired by classic Italian techniques and traditions but offers a progressive modern spin.

We began back in 2007 solely as a small espresso bar and live music venue. Our aspirations quickly grew, so we expanded our seating area and started to offer light food fare. In 2009 we upgraded from offering bagels and soups to offering a full lunch menu. At the same time, we continued to push our live music offerings. The summer of 2009 brought us the infamous “53 bands in 30 days”. That was a lot of great music for our small little stage. We built a bigger stage but toned down the frequency of live shows to ensure quality and to attempt to gain our sanity.
In 2011, we took a big leap and began construction on Brazil Craft Beer and Wine Lounge, located above us. We realized we liked great beer and wine as much as we liked great coffee and food. We also had a hunch that our customers felt the same way. In July of 2012 we opened Brazil to learn that we were right. It’s nice to be right every once in awhile.
In 2014, we went into what we call the “dark ages”. We closed the Labyrinth down for two years to do a complete kitchen remodel from the foundation up to a new stove and walk-in cooler. It was also during this time we expanded our ownership to include our dear friend Frank Besse and purchased the building that Labyrinth and Brazil occupy. We reopened mid-2016 ready to bring about our “renaissance age”.
As time goes on we continue to evolve into what you see today and if history is any indication, tomorrow will bring new developments for us at 10-12 East 4th St. We hope you stop by to be part of this journey.